Coaching beyond Trauma

Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories

Trauma is personal.  It can affect each one of us differently.  In a nutshell, trauma replaces our ability to connect and replaces this with patterns of protection.  Our brain and nervous systems want to protect us from further hurt and it does this in different ways, from stress inducing denial to complete disassociation and constant reminders/reliving of it. Trauma is the inability to calm our defence systems and is hyper-alert to danger all the time.  

When we see the trauma, over and over, feel the feelings and hear the event(s), it can be overwhelming.  For some, it is as if the trauma happened to someone else or was a movie, yet they are absolutely petrified of it and any reminders. 

Flashbacks or nightmares or the numbness and lack of emotion/reaction to life is something that we think that we ought to be able to remove by ourselves. 

We need to “grow up”, “be able to cope” by ourselves and not be weak.  This is not always possible, and we need to seek help. 

Coaching beyond Trauma

Should you go and see a counsellor/therapist or a trauma specialist?

First think deeply about how they can help you.  A counsellor/therapist will get you to talk about the trauma to help you to realize it’s over now, and you will relive it as you talk about it.  This can be even more traumatising than the first-time round when the trauma occurred.

Kamal, as a trauma specialist, will see how you are and how you react to the here and now.  For her the removal of the emotional connection to the trauma is paramount for your well-being.  This can be done without you needing to voice your trauma even once.  At no time will you have to talk about the trauma or relive it. 

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Coaching beyond Trauma

Removing the Emotional Connection

Removing the emotional connection to the trauma releases the feelings of the trauma and allows clients to talk about it without raising the emotions and reactions experienced during the trauma. 

This means that you do not have to relive the trauma again and again, whether as nightmares, flashbacks, avoiding reminders of the trauma and instead you can look forward to an enriched life ahead. 

Do you want to merely exist or live life fully? 
Think about all the people in your life now and in the future.
Do you want to see them with fear, terror or helplessness stopping you or with happiness in your heart?

Embrace your life now and see how quickly you can be free of the trauma.  Imagine the life that you can have without the trauma and compare this to your current situation.  Don’t wait, do this now! 

Be aware of what could be waiting for you tomorrow! 
If you reach out today, then a life filled with love, laughter and light could be yours.  The choice is yours to make, a life of misery or happiness.  Get in touch today to find out more!